Ah! An evening shawl. It is the most favourite pick of men and women. People, who have a characteristic sense of style, look out for the perfectly matching outfit and their accessories. They can make anyone go awestruck anywhere.

But styling an evening shawl is not reserved to them only. Anyone can look trendy and classy if worn in the right fashion. These scarfs and shawls are widely accepted because of the sophistication they add to an outfit. The appearance of a wearer gets an aristocratic aspect.

Be it the most elegant pashmina or some other fabrics, a cashmere pashmina evening wrap will only look its best when draped in the right style.

Any idea for tying an evening shawl?

evening shawlsYes! Of course. Check out some of the ways to drape an evening shawl.

If you have a silk blend product, you can wear it in a belt style around your waist. It’s very simple. Just tie it around and fix it with a knot. Keep that knot loose but again strong enough to hold on to your body. Also known as sarong style, this will look like a belt on your waist.

Note: People who have smaller hips are suggested to wrap an evening shawl in this manner. It will emphasize the appearance of their hip making them look even hotter.

Secondly, experiment with full wrap style. Drape this long piece of cloth around your shoulders. Either tie a knot with its two ends in front or keep them hanging freely. You can sport this style in winter days to keep yourself warm; however, it also goes cool with all occasions.

Third comes noose wrap style, one of the most common ways to drape evening shawls and scarves.

Here’s how to wear:

Make a half fold of that evening shawl along its length

Keep its edges facing towards you

Now make a fold along its width

Make sure one end is open and the other folded

Then, place the scarf or shawl around your neck

Take its open end to slide through the folded end’s loop

If you can wear it the proper way as said, this whole thing will appear like a noose around your neck. Don’t worry. You’ll be at ease, feeling even more confident.

One of the best styles you’d love is the Hollywood style. Yes, you have guessed that right; it’s the style that celebrities prefer to sport. The simple procedure is to take two different colors of evening shawls. Entwine them together and wrap them around your neck. How do you look?

Some more facts you must know

Certainly, a pashmina scarf can be tied in various ways to match up with your outfit and smartness. But it is again very essential that you do not mess up while doing it. If draped in a proper method, that too carefully, these shawls and scarves can be the best accessories.

For instance,

Avoid wearing one with woollen garments that are heavier. Wool is itself a material that gives excellent warmth. Partnering a shawl with wool would only give you a messy appearance.

Do not let ends of these evening shawls fall below your coat. That looks irritatingly odd.

Try to avoid using scarves or shawls as head gears. Even if you do, ensure that it matches with your style and purpose.

Draping of a evening shawl varies with individuals. Keep your purpose in mind along with the dress colour and style. With your innovation and creativity, you can turn many heads around. We stock a great variety of evening shawls here at Pashminas and Wraps. Shawls wholesale are available for registered pashmina shawl retailers.