Have you chosen your best red dress to wear at the Christmas party? That’ll look gorgeous and vibrant. But the problem will be in choosing the perfect accessory, isn’t it? Well, what can give you a more elegant look than a cashmere shawl?

These shawls can make you stand out in the crowd with their artistic magnificence and grandeur. And red dresses can best complement these scarves or shawls.

Red dress and pashmina shawls

As you want to be exclusively different, red is the colour for you. It never fails to attract people nearby, no matter wherever you are.

Red is a colour that is vibrant and conveys stability, confidence, strength and power.

Being the latest neutral choice for corporate outfits, you can also choose a dress in this colour for any event to get noticed. Try once; people in a public event will actually stop and listen to what you say.

“Red makes you confident.”

But wear that dress which praises your body structure to make you look sexier. Even if you think you don’t have an impressing structure, red can anyway do that for you. Red goes at any occasion; be courageous to pick this bold colour.

Now, coming to the use of a pashmina shawl, these are the best to accessorize a red dress. Usually with this colour, it becomes trickier to pick the right complementation; you cannot always wear a coat or jacket. And cold weather is an add-on to this disadvantage.

Here, a pashmina shawl can serve the purpose keeping you comfortable with its warmth as well as gracing your overall chic appearance.

Why accessorize with pashmina shawls?

The trend of wearing shawls among people regardless of culture and nationality is not a new concept. In fact, the origin of a pashmina dates long back to the Tibetans who first completed these long pieces made from cashmere wool. Sometimes it is used for functional purpose; others use it for aesthetic purpose.

Functional purpose because these can protect from weather as cold as in the higher altitudes of Himalayas. You can cover yourself comfortably. Again, aesthetics because these scarves and shawls can be used in various styles as a fashion quotient. For instance, you can take it as a turban or wear it in noose-style.

Today, these are the best additions to an existing wardrobe of both men and women. They are also considered as a brand of the fashion world.

But what should be the colour of shawl with a red dress? 

So, before you pick the right colour to partner with your red dress, it is important to learn colour co-ordination. You should know how to mix and match the textures, designs and materials.

Once an expert in doing so, the next thing is to consider the purpose or intention of draping any pashminas. You may want to enhance the dress to or minimize it.

  • To bring down the red colour – pick neutral hues. Here grey can again soothe colour of your dress a little bit.

One can also choose to play with matching shades like green pashmina with red dress or even blue pashmina and yellow pashmina. Now experiment with different styles, and you’ll nevertheless look stunningly gorgeous.

“Just the colour red makes one go awww!”

A general selection: Grey goes with all. Be it a scarf or shawl, be it of fashion or style, grey pashmina is mostly picked as the ideal pashmina colour for any dress you wear.

Pashmina shawls for holidays

Keep aside events. Are you planning to wear red for a holiday with friends? Drape your neck with a pashmina scarf or pashmina shawl. Whatever it is, one will always love to look unique and elegant.

Avoid wearing orange with red. That’ll certainly not look good at all.

No matter you are wearing a red or even black garment, a  shawl will always make you stand out amongst all, redefining your confidence and personality. We do supply a wholesale pashmina to the retail trade.