It’s so wonderful to marry the man of your life, isn’t it? Then how can this celebration of union be just a traditional happening? There has to be ‘the unique factor’, apart from innovative decorations and dresses – and wedding pashminas can be your best pick. Pashmina shawls or wraps are versatile accessories to complement any outfit today. In fact, these luxurious wedding pashminas can be used in many different ways to grace the aesthetics of your venue decoration as well.

What can you do with wedding pashminas?

If that’s what you are pondering on, here are some really exclusive ideas on what you can do with wedding pashminas.

Compliment your wedding gown

If minimalism is what you prefer for that ‘bride look’, wedding pashminas are the best accessory for your gown. Pick contrasting colors like a ballet slipper pink wrap with white dress would be a gorgeous combination.

Giveaway for guests

Truth is none can resist getting this elegant piece of fabric if given a chance. So, these can be the ideal giveaways for your guests. You can keep a basket full of colourful wedding pashminas that well-wishers can use. Considering the temperature in England, these wedding pashminas would be ideal to provide the much-needed warmth and comfort.

Pashmina for mother of the bride

The mother of the bride – The person who guides throughout your wedding plan is also the important part of the celebration. Why not pick a pashmina for her? If she wears a solid coloured dress, a soft coloured pashmina will go best and vice versa.


Deciding on the theme of the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ dresses is indeed a frustrating affair. Let’s make it simple! Just pick a colour of your outfits, and then go for a contrasting coloured pashmina scarf. Style for a timeless look!

wedding pashminas – a perfect finishing accessory for the bride, bridesmaids and guests.

Venue decoration: The pashmina theme

Not just for outfits, but a wedding wraps can also be used for decorating your venue. In fact, when thematic decorations are so popular today, instead of going the vintage, modern or royal way, choose to keep a pashmina theme. Some of the decoration ideas are –

Tie pashminas wrap on chairs. (Your guests can use and take those in case they feel cold in the evening)

Keep 3-4 wraps on each round table

Tie pashminas on different places around the venue

Purchasing from authentic sellers

Now, while you plan to implement this idea on your D-Day, be informed that you must buy these luxurious pieces from legitimate buyers only. You will come across many wedding pashminas in the market, but not all are real products made of authentic cashmere wool.

When you are searching online, check the website of the seller properly. A wedding shawl comes in different materials – 100% pure or silk infused.

Know the quality and pashmina product they are offering, delivery time and price. Cashmere pashmina comes from Himalayan goats and is expensive. Hence, an original product might be a bit costly.

However, as you want to make your wedding celebration special, a wedding pashmina can do that in every way. Get hold of your bundle. Wish you a happy married life ahead!