Is there a grand event in the evening? Are you looking through your wardrobe for the perfect outfit? Now that needs time and patience. But what about the final complementing accessory? Well, take the evening shawl.

The pashmina shawl has been the iconic choice for evening affairs, biggest fashion achievements being in red carpets. During prestigious awards ceremonies, Hollywood beauties like Nichole Kidman and Angelina Jolie have wowed the world with their elegant styling with these evening shawls. Even First Lady Michelle Obama dazzled us with an evening shawl complementing her golden dress.

No! It’s not that only celebs can style. A pashmina scarf can create sophistication to any wearer in any affair – be it a wedding, a party, get-togethers or anything. You can use it your own way to look best.

But the question is – How are you going you wear an evening shawl?

Well, you can drape an evening cashmere shawl in any way you wish to, but make sure that style suits your figure. Women have different types of bodies – while some are tall, others are short. Not all look smart in all fashion statements. Hence, it is important to wear a pashmina shawl the right way.

Have a look at some ideas

  • For women who are short

Don’t worry if you have a short height. A shawl is flexible enough to make you appear taller. Take those evening shawls that are long; wrap them around your neck once and then let them hang on your chest freely down towards your thighs.

Again, as you are short, pick the one that is made of a thinner material like a satin shawl or silk shawl wrap. If you choose thick shawls, they would create volumes making you look even shorter and heavier. Even if you wear casuals, draping an evening shawl would simply add elegance.

  • For women who are tall

So, you have a tall height? Well the advantage is, this tallness creates an ambience of grace and authority. Disadvantage is having a harder time in choosing the right outfit. Isn’t that?

Okay! The first suggestion is don’t wear a shawl in a way that would again emphasize your already tall height, i.e. vertically. What goes for shorter ladies – draping over their neck and leaving it to hang downwards is not at all a wise idea for taller ladies. Rather, wear it diagonally or horizontally.

Entwine that shawl around your arm or spread it across your shoulder. That will give you a balanced and chic look. You know,

“Every tall girl needs a short best friend to complement.” 

  • For women who are lighter

For the lighter ladies? Thicker shawls are the best picks to add more volume. Choose an evening cashmere pashmina that is made of fleece or wool. Again, brighter shades like gold shawl, beige shawl  or an ivory shawl are perfect to grace the classiness of your muted tone.

  • For women who are heavier

Ignore the wool shawls that would make your appearance even bulkier. Pick the ones of light fabrics and avoid styling with complex knots. Because with knots, heavier women would only reflect a circular image. So, keep it simple and look your best for the evening party.

A general idea on colour

Besides the way you wear your shawl, deciding on colour is equally important. One simple idea is to grab the one that matches with your dress colour. You can also do some experimentation with different contrasting hues. While some choose pairs like orange shawl and a yellow shawl; others prefer contrasts like blue shawl with a yellow shawl.

Being one of the most versatile accessories, an evening pashmina shawl is a vital part of fashion today.

Not only does it give warmth during chilly winter nights, but it also gives a unique fashion look to all gorgeous women. “It’s your time ladies. Be different.” Choose an evening shawl from the Pashminas and Wraps collection.