If you are going to attend a social party with your friends, what will you choose to wear with your outfit – a red shawl or a black pashmina? The designs of a pashmina shawl have changed a lot over the years. This Tibetan born product has become one of the favourite accessories of women belonging to different regions of the world.

But, you must be wondering what makes a cashmere pashmina so different from other types shawls? Well, Pashmina is the name of a special type of breed called goat which is mostly found in the Himalayan region. Being situated at such a high altitude, they itself develop a natural coat to protect against warmth. The fur or the coat of this goat is called pashmina. The manufacturers of cashmere shawls use these hand-woven fibres to intricately design a pashmina shawl.

The different variety of pashminas & wraps

In today’s age, a pashmina scarf is not only available in different patterns and colors, but also you can find them in different materials. In order to get the real experience of pashmina shawls & wraps, you should buy 100% genuine quality cashmere pashminas & wraps. Most of these products are the combination of pashmina and silk. If the label of a pashmina wrap indicates 70% of pashmina, it means the rest of the material is silk. Only a hand woven pashmina wrap can offer you offer the real luxurious feel.

What are the different ways to wear a pashminas & wraps?

Pashminas & wraps can be worn with any type of outfit, and this is another reason why most women consider it as a must-have accessory for their wardrobe. There are dozens of creative ways available that you can apply every time you wear it. Let’s have a look the various ways to wear pashminas & wraps.

  • Creating a casual knot around neck

Be it a cold winter month or a bright sunny day, you can carry a shawl wrap in a careless knot around the neck. Since these shawls are available in gorgeous colors, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to both formal and informal outfit.

  • Creating classic knot

To create a classic knot, you just need to tie around your neck. Ensure that the two ends of your shawl should be aligned perpendicularly in front of your body and then tie them up like shoelaces. It is up to you to decide how much loose or tight knot you require.

  • Create a series of knots to get a bohemian look

A bohemian look offers a unique look. Create a series of knots that look like a chain and drape it around your neck. You can either leave it hanging from the front or turn it around to leave the knots on your back.

  • Create twisted knot

You can try this with apparel that has a huge neckline. Just create a twisted knot around your neck and make it look gorgeous.

Besides these above-mentioned options, you can try other creative ways as well such as knotted loop, double hacking loop, hacking knot, men’s necktie fashion and many more for your evening wrap.

Therefore, it can rightly be said a pashmina is a truly versatile and that you can wear it with a top, dress and skirt. During summer time, you can use it to cover your swimsuit. On the other hand, if you are walking by the seaside in a winter evening just wrap it around your arms, and you will get a cozy feeling.