It’s indeed one of the best possessions to have a pashmina scarf but understanding the right size is something important. Yes! a pashmina comes in a variety of sizes today when people end up confusing with shawls, stoles and scarfs.

But these three things vary in their measurements. While scarves are only to drape around the neck, stoles are slightly longer ones than scarves. Shawls here are the largest size that can be used for different purposes.

Sizes of a pashmina

Talking about the technical aspect of this cashmere shawl, size is a major factor to be considered. The standard size of a shawl is approximately 12 inches thick and 30 inches long (7 feet in length and 3 feet in width). Sometimes, it is same as your bedspread, this one being narrower.

There are short ones too to drape in different styles. So, choosing the right size depends on your purpose of use. While a pashmina is quite popular during the winters to keep you warm and comfortable, they are also used during warmer days to complement your style statement.

Now, most women wonder why these shawls are so long! Well, it goes back to the history.

Let’s go back to the origin of a Pashmina

  1. Goats of Himalayas –

You would be astonished to know that the origin of today’s ultimate fashion accessory comes from goats of the Himalayas. Indeed! The raw material used in this soft piece of clothing can be easily broken.

Okay! Let’s give you an idea. You know how delicate your hair is and how you need to take its special care? Now, this cashmere pashmina wool is even more delicate than human hair. They break easily if taken in hand.

Initially, production of these shawls cost much considering the difficulty in its making. So, it was specifically manufactured for some people. But manufacturers, at this day, intertwine this so-soft material with other fabrics including silk for making the whole thing tougher, compact and shimmering. The result is what you style with for a trendy and classy look.

  1. The Tibetans –

Another piece of history says that a pashmina shawl were first completed by the Tibetans. The concept came as people there had this chance to suffer from hypothermia due to the ruthless cold in the Himalayan region.

Anyone who hasn’t spent days in that region would certainly have least idea of how life is there. But anyway, those Tibetans required something thicker to protect themselves from such an unbearable temperature and thus came this shawl in long lengths.

Wearing layered clothes that they used initially cost them much. So, instead of wearing a number of clothes, this winter accessory proved to be very effective to them. With its length of several feet, one can wrap it more than once around the body. Hence, this enormous size is completely logical to them considering the Himalayan temperature.

All types and styles of a Pashmina are easily available today

Today, it has become one of the most prominent accessories of the fashion world, thanks to the latest innovations. It is the latest trend to complement even your dull looking outfit. In fact, designers have over the years experimented to bring out the best style of various lengths.

Visit any nearest outlet and you will get a huge collection of a variety of pashmina shawls. Even you can find them in online stores who will display you all the hottest offers making it convenient to pick the one that fits you perfectly.

A Pashmina is very popular now-a-days

Want to know the popularity of a pashmina? Have a look at the models and celebs today. One good personality who adores this woollen material completely is singer Katy Perry. She perfectly matches her black garb with a grey pashmina wrap that makes her even sexier. Even her husband Russell Brand drapes one, matching the colour of his wife’s. Needless to say, they both look so gorgeous together. You can browse through the pictures to have an idea of how these celebrities make best use of these shawls.

A shawl wrap in their standard size is ideal for gifting someone too. If you are confused to pick the right length, consider the types of clothes you wear. For instance – if you want to use it as a headscarf, you need a long one. Again, if you are taller and want something of shorter length to wrap around your shoulder, that is also available. With this cashmere wool product of the finest quality, you can recreate an everyday T-shirt with a newer look.

A pashmina can be experimented in various styles to match your outfit and appearance while keeping up their functionality. You just have to understand the pashmina sizes, your purpose and then pick the right one for you.

Last Words

“FASHION is something you are offered many times a year; STYLE is the one you pick from that fashion.”