A pashmina shawl has made its place in the closet of every woman since a very long time. Apart from using it for warmth, shawls and scarfs are now used as a great fashion accessory for both men and women. It can easily be wrapped around arms, necks and waist to create different fashion statements.

With the growing popularity of pashmina, these are now available in different colors, designs, and patterns that will surely take your breath away. Now, it is not only worn in winter but also in other seasons as these shawls are made from various other materials that make them extremely light-weight and soft.

Their different varieties include cashmere, knitted shawl, pashmina, silk, and cotton. Among them, a cashmere wrap are more prone to shedding. Therefore, their proper care and maintenance play an important role to keep them safe from shedding.

Are you worried about protecting your favourite pashmina shawl from shredding? Well, that’s an obvious thought of everyone who loves to carry

Pashmina shawl for all occasions.

A pashmina shawl are quite delicate. You must take proper care of them to protect it from shredding. Here are some helpful tips for you that can retain the quality of your pashmina shawl intact for years to come. So, let’s check out.

Tips to protect pashmina from shedding

Wash your pashmina shawl by hand

Cleaning is the most important part to keep a cashmere shawl in its best condition. Pashmina shawls are made of very fine cotton fibre which is more vulnerable to shredding. You must follow proper instructions to clean them carefully. The best way to wash a pashmina shawl is by hand. Do not rub it or put in the washing machine. This may ruin the natural fibre quality of the garment.

Use mild detergent or hair shampoo for washing

For cleaning, avoid using any harsh detergent or bleach as this may ruin the natural fibre of the garment. It is best hair shampoo or any other product that has been specifically made for woollen cloth cleaning.

Don’t twist or squeeze to remove extra water

While rinsing off your pashmina shawl, do not twist or squeeze it. It may break cotton fibres that ultimately lead to shedding. To avoid such kind of damage, just hang it directly for air dry.

Storing precautions

Avoid using rough surface while storing a cashmere pashmina. Rough surfaces may lead to the shredding of your shawl as the fibres tend to rub more on a rough surface and ultimately result in breaking of cotton fibres. Wrap your pashmina shawl with a tissue paper and put it inside a plastic cover to keep it safe from shedding.

Therefore, if you are having a beautiful cotton pashmina shawl and want to keep in its best condition in the following years, these cleaning tips will definitely help you a lot to maintain its shine and durability.