What looks more elegant than a cozy pashmina shawl crossed around your shoulder when you are out on a winter evening or walking by the water side? A cashmere pashmina scarf is the symbol of elegant women apparel that can be worn either in traditional way or draping around your waist in Gypsy style.

The manufacturers offer shawls in cotton, wool and linen. However, the softest and the finest is the one which is made of goats’ down, popularly known as Kashmiri pashmina shawl or Orenbourg shawl. The natural fibre of goat makes the texture of the material extremely smooth and expensive as well for which it was found in the upper and wealthy class families.

Eventually, some manufacturers think of making it out of other fabrics like wool, cotton, polyester and the like. This offers a chance to people belonging to different classes to warm them up using these shawls.

Make a fashion statement with a shawl

Nowadays, a shawl wrap are not only used to keep warmth but also used in making fashion statements. Its various forms have made it a popular fashion accessory which is now being used famous celebrities and designers to jazz up their styles. In today’s age, different exciting materials for shawls come up in the market with which you can enhance your fashion. Whether it is formal gathering or a rock chic party, these are ideal for any occasion. Let’s have a look at different forms of shawls.

  • Kashmiri shawl: Kashmiri shawls are popular throughout the world. They are not only warm but also amazingly beautiful with handmade works and colour that will surely grab your attention at once. The famous Pashmina Kashmiri shawls are made of rich wool with handmade embroidery that makes them amazingly warm, soft and beautiful.
  • Summer shawl: This is one of the most popular varieties of shawl, highly demanded in the summer Yes, you hear the right. It is specifically made for the summer season and thus they are light weight. Sparkling colors and design give them a beautiful look.
  • Silk shawl: Silk is the most beautiful among all natural fabrics. Silk shawls give warmness in winter and keep cool in summer. They are ideal accessories for parties, social get-together, functions and the like.

With all these varieties, people no longer use shawls to wrap around their head and neck. In fact, they create a mix and match style with a whole new bunch of accessories. So, if anyone asked this question today, what is a cashmere shawl? It can rightly be said that a woolen shawl is much more than what it was in the beginning. A cashmere pashmina is no longer used to warm you up; rather they are more used as a fashion accessory to flaunt beauty. It is the most versatile accessory that can be used with any apparel.


To explore a wide range of scarfs in different materials, you can browse on the internet. This pashmina type fashion accessory comes in various styles and designs such as red shawl makes a woman looks attractive and graceful, whereas classic turquoise shawl can go with any type of outfit as they are available in various fabrics.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose the best shawl for you.

Author – Pashmina: Pashmina is a staff writer at Pashminas and Wraps. Retailers looking to market these unique shawls, information is avalable here: wholesale shawls.