The Pashmina – The Perfect Gift Idea For Valentine’s Day!

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Gift ideas for Valentines Day:  Pashmina can be a perfect choice!

This year I had planned up an intimate celebration with my girlfriend, since it was our 1 year completion anniversary. You too must be having your anniversary or girlfriend’s birthday coming up? Do you have any ideas? Well, on a personal note the only problem that I faced was, getting gift ideas for Valentines Day for my lady love! Though I had often heard her mention that she was fond of pashminas, but never thought that decking up with pashmina would be such a favourite for her.

Keeping such thoughts in mind, I decided on checking out various websites that traded in authentic pashminas, and if you were in my place, you too would have been spoilt for choice.

Most importantly, you would be surprised to know that there are various types of pashminas like silk-infused as well as cashmere ones to choose. The Italian pashminas were ideal for home décor, while the silk infused ones make for a great wrapping option with dresses.

Gift ideas for Valentines Day: Some delightful experiences

Why don’t you try out the first trick in terms of taking pashminas in contrasting colours? You can take a brown pashmina along with a pink blush cashmere pashmina from our pink pashmina collection. Place it in a basket full of goodies and trinkets and drape another over dining space. The idea is to unwrap the goodies as your lady-love sits down for that romantic dinner! Isn’t it one of the best gift ideas for Valentines Day? I had tried it out and it worked wonders!

In case you are apprehensive of the beauty that pashmina unfolds, then let me tell you, with pashminas you can never go wrong! It is not just the beauty of pashminas that make for a great gift, but the multiple styles that can be tried out with these pashminas also make them one of the chosen options for girls!

Pashmina styles to storm up any date

Have you ever thought of gifting a dusty pink pashmina along with a white strapless gown to your lady love? In case you are still considering the scenario, you can surely make a choice now. This amazingly feminine combination surely matches up beauty of every lady and you too can be on a safe side regarding gifting the ideal match! Make sure that you wrap up this pashmina in style round your lady love!

However, not just a simple wrap! A pashmina has multiple styles to match up to its expectations! Starting from belt style to classic one, bolero jacket and knot style, all of it has multiple plus points!

If you did not know, then in case of belt style, the pashmina is to be wrapped around the waist and then loose ends are to be hanged along the back. In case of a soft coloured gown or jeans, a contrasting and bright coloured pashmina such as hot pink, aubergine or lime yellow can look extremely graceful.

With women the best part is that any of the gift ideas for Valentines Day you try out and they would surely make the best out of it. The noose style can be done with folding the cashmere pashmina horizontally and folding it twice around the neck, tightening the knot! My girlfriend tried it out with a red pashmina and it simply looked beautiful on her.

Also, the bolero jacket style includes draping of the shawl around the nape of the neck covering the shoulders. The ends are to be left loose!

Well, these are some of the gift ideas for Valentines Day that you can try out with pashminas & wraps for the next Valentine!

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