A pashmina scarf is made from the cashmere pashmina wool which is obtained from a particular breed of a Himalayan goat named Changthangi. This wool is spun manually and it gets the cashmere attribute because it is embellished in Kashmir.

Pashmina scarves serve the purpose of providing the required warmth during the wintry seasons. Many women use these scarves around their neck or cover their face to protect themselves from the appalling chillness. However, pashmina scarf can be used further than the purpose for which they have been developed.

Let’s take a look of the many uses of the Pashmina scarf

To Wrap a New-born

A pashmina scarf is so soft that it can be used as a bedspread or as an over-blanket for a newborn baby. The pashmina is considerably big to be folded into parts and moreover, the patterns on the pashmina make the baby’s blanket look very stylish.

To Beautify the Living Space

A pashmina can be used as a decorating material. It can be used on an ottoman or a chair. The pashmina scarf can also be used as a table cloth. A pashmina that comes in various colors boosts the energy level of the living space. A pashmina scarf  can also be used on a candle lit dinner table. The combination of the candle lit room and the exotic colors of pashmina scarf  induce positive energy in the room.

To Wrap up a Gift

Pashminas can be used to wrap a gift beautifully. A simple knot on the gift would be sufficient to make it look very special. The best part of all is that this wrapper itself can be owned as an additional gift by the receiver.

To Relax at Beach or Park

Pashmina comes in a variety of sizes and so it can be used for various purposes depending on the size. A huge pashmina scarf can be spread out on a park or a beach to sit and relax. The texture of the cloth provides comfort and is also a stylish substitute for the usual duvet or coverlet.

To Veil the Exposed Arms

A pashmina can be used to cover the exposed arms. Most wedding dresses come sleeveless and so a pashmina shawl can be used to cover the exposed arms very elegantly. It can also be used to cover the tanned skin area.

To Spice up the Appearance

A cashmere pashmina can help in increasing the flavour of the dress and the overall appearance. It can be used as a typical scarf around the neck, the face, or the head. It can also be used as a belt and it looks more stylish when worn by pulling it through the belt loops. The vibrant colors of the pashmina scarf make a plain coloured dress look vibrant.

A pashmina is handier than just being a cashmere shawl. So have them included in your personal belongings for it may be required at any instance.