Does the extremely soft nature of the pashmina scarf make you wonder? Well, coming from the intense hilly regions of north India, this is one of the best wool materials that are supposedly available. Originally, pashmina, coming from the word ‘pashm’ is a type of silken hair found in the undercoat of Tibetan goats.

Once in every spring, these goats shed off their winter coat, and thus, the hair is collected from that. Post that, it is processed by crafted hands and woven into finer threads. From this thread, the fabric is made and results in a number of products as scarves & shawls.

Speciality of a pashmina scarf

Coming in a variety of colors such as a red pashmina scarf, blue pashmina scarf, pink pashmina scarf, grey pashmina scarf, or a navy pashmina scarf, this scarf is wider in length and breadth in fair comparison to standard scarves. It can be used in a variety of ways as wraparound, tops, or toga given.

The soft silky nature of this product makes it versatile amongst the lot and can be used with a number of attires! Clearly, that makes it one of the primary reasons to get a scarf / shawl of this type to stay ahead in fashion domain!

Evolution of the pashmina

With time, a cashmere pashmina have evolved from being a mere woollen garment to one of a style statement! From all over the world, fashion freaks are making some great style statements, by allowing this soft silky cloth to fall over their shoulders. Though it was merely a means to cover oneself in previous times, in present age, a cashmere shawl has redefined its stance in the fashion world.

Hence, it is time to delve deeper into the core aspects of this fabric.

Fashion statement

For Men: When men are considered for fashion issues, they like to keep it simple and sober. Anything that would add up to the weight is clearly disliked by them. Under such state of affairs, a cashmere scarf coming with a singular layer, and available in colors like blue, red and brown, can be an ideal as winter garment!

So, while you are going out for a ski ride, or keen to watch a winter football match outdoors, this scarf with its unique heat holding capacity adds up to your requirements, and puts you in a different fashion league altogether!

For Women: A white pashmina has always been one of the major fashion statements for people. Be it a traditional wear, or a formal occasion, a pashmina scarf tied in a loose way, or simply wrapped around oneself, in the brightest of contrasting colors could actually lead you a firm place within the fashion domain.

The best part regarding this pashmina wrap is that they have a variety of colour palettes and a number of patterns that ensure that whatever dress you might be wearing is bound to get a different look with this wraparound!

For Teenagers: The first query that arises is that, how would teenagers enjoy a pashmina scarf as a gift? Quite in contrary to this, a shawl can be very well teamed with a tunic or skirt for making the ideal look rock every moment!

Given the soft and classy nature of this product, it is best that immense care should be taken to handle this and in return it helps in creating an amazing getup! So, make sure to pick up the right colour and style to add a zing to your wardrobe!