Are you the one like me who consider a pashmina shawl as women’s most assorted collection? If yes, then I am sure you must have a huge collection of this fashion accessory to pair up with any type of outfit. These pashmina scarfs and shawls are quite handy. Just drape a pashmina shawl around your neck, arms and waist and get a new look every time.

A pashmina shawl make any attire look stylish and fashionable. Whether you are pairing up with a formal outfit or an informal one, your outfit will catch the attention of onlookers while you walk down the street. Since a cashmere pashmina is made of animal wool, especially goats that are mostly found in the Himalayan region, the basic purpose of these scarves and shawls is to provide warmth.

If you are gearing up for an extremely cold winter night party, you don’t need to wear heavy or bulky jackets. Simply wrap a cashmere pashmina shawl around your arms and you will get the same warmth like heavy woollen sweaters and jackets.

What type of styles can you try with pashmina shawl?

Over the years, many reformations in a pashmina shawl have taken place. They are now offered in various colors and designs that even complement the simplest outfit. Well, you must be wondering how you can try a different style with a pashmina shawl. Don’t worry as we bring to you some helpful tips for trying creative styles with a pashmina shawl.

The manner of carrying your shawl depicts what kind of personality you have. When a pashmina wrap is wrapped around the neck in knotted manner, it will give you a corporate look. Most of working women in the city try this one to get a carefree look.

Women who prefer contemporary fashion try cashmere shawls with denim jackets. It gives them a fashion freak look. Recently, you may have noticed many celebrities to wear a pashmina in tow-toned styles. This also looks pretty and elegant.

If you don’t prefer to wrap it around your neck and arms, you can use it as an accessory like belt or headscarf.

In short, a pashmina shawl and scarf can be worn in endless ways. Getting a fashionable look with any type of outfit seems quite easy with a cashmere pashmina shawl. However, taking proper care of shawl plays an important role. If you know the proper process of caring them, you can retain its quality like new for many years to come and try dozens of styles with it.

For cleaning a cashmere shawl, you need to keep two things in mind – hand washing and dry cleaning. However, dry cleaning at home is not possible. So it is better to leave the task to a professional. On the other hand, for cleaning a pashmina shawl at home, it is best to use cold water and mild detergent. Keep in mind that washing a cashmere pashmina is entirely different from other woollen clothes.


Thus, it can rightly be said that a pashmina wrap can be tried by women of all ages. When you know how to wear and care for it, you can make different combinations with your outfits. These women’s fashion accessories are so handy that you can easily carry them on any occasion. So, if you are not having one in your closet, you must make up your mind to get one right now. To get exciting deals on either pashmina shawl or pashmina scarf, you can check out our website at Pashminas and Wraps to get a shawl online.