Well, you’re all geared up for that vacation that you’d planned for this summer! Your travel wardrobe is replete with all essentials that you need. You’ve got the perfect make-up kit for that Utopian getaway to Santorini, or some other exotic travel destination for that matter.

On second thought, don’t you think that there’s something missing in your travel kit?

Revisit your wardrobe, because therein lies your answer!

Yes! That cashmere wrap! That is what your travel case desperately needs to beautify you so that you conquer the world during your vacation looking every bit the diva that you are!

Wonder no further! Pack that up and journey in style!

For those of you, who’re wondering what use a cashmere pashmina might be of during the summers, here’s a little guide! You could refer to this list while choosing travel wraps that are made just for you, to make you look like queens in your own rights.

  • Choose right!

While your wardrobe goes minimalistic in summers, your cashmere wrap must follow suit! That means during the summers, choose a single-ply pashmina to keep you cool. Single-ply pashminas serve not only as great travel wraps but also as luxuriant pillow that you can cuddle up to during your flight.

  • Look for a synthesis!

A blend of silk with pashmina qualifies for an exquisite travel wrap. And you know what; its glistening texture has way more to it than the heavenly subtlety that you feel materializing while you hold it in your hands.

Your silken cashmere wrap combines delicacy with strength! Yes, your feather-light wrap is now immune to the whims of time. Moreover, it can never, ever get creased. Its silken threads hold its grandeur and make it timeless!

  • Shade yourself right!

Style your gorgeous frame in the right shade of shawl.  If you have a fetish for darker hues, make sure, their shades are suited to summers.

A sheer black cashmere wrap, with just a little tint of grey in it, amplifies the subtlety in you. While you set people to admire you wrapped in your pashmina, your inner celebrity revels in its sartorial pleasure.

Likewise, a light navy pashmina is every girl must have for her travel wardrobe. You’re no less than a celebrity, and there’s should be no reason why you mustn’t feel like one.

  • Go berserk with it!

Why limit your cashmere to that regular drape around your shoulders? Sure, it is elegant, but a little experiment adds exponentially to your travel fashion quotient. While it works as a comfortable pillow and doubles up as a blanket during the course of your flight, it also scales great heights as a fashion component.

Wear it like a head gear; use it like a summer jacket, or even a sarong! Go crazy with it! The more you experiment, the higher you score on your fashion scale!

Your vacation deserves to be spent in style! Give it the style factor it needs and pamper yourself with a superlative pashmina. Because, you know, you want to be wonderful, don’t you?