We, at Pashminas and Wraps, found out the distinctive coral touch of the luminous Turquoise as we were working on our cashmere shawl shade palette this year! Pantone has stated Turquoise as their colour of 2010; for us, there can be no better way to celebrate the salty hue other than implementing in our attractive items. Thus, the turquoise pashmina wardrobe!

When you are touched with Turquoise!

You may ask why this colour appealed so much to us. Well, to begin with, let’s say we were on the same page as Leatrice Eiseman who is the Executive Director of Pantone. Recognised globally as the colour setter of every fashion sector, Pantone has been the ultimate choice for all fashion savvy people!

Leatrice said in an interview, “we don’t simply go after the hottest colors in the world. We conduct colour word studies across associations and put together the zeitgeist on the global map.”

What Leatrice said seemed to match with our fashion mindset as we saw that it was not only about the already trending shades but rather about creating a whole new world of fashion with unconventional colour tones such as the Turquoise. That is why; our turquoise pashmina collection entered our wardrobe!

This particular colour tone stands as the symbol of surrealistic environment where you can let go of yourself in a carefree manner. It excites every neutral palette acting as an energetic jolt in your gut. Also, from soft pastel tones to rich shaded dress, this tone symbolises the lush green ‘corality’ of sprawling oceans.

P&W Brand Collection with Turquoise:

The turquoise shawl imbibed this hue spectacularly! Further, it stood out as an excellent add-on item which could be modified as an evening shawl as well. When the scarlet hue of Sunset fell on this striking colour, any wrap or shawl for that matter looked almost majestic with such a charismatic shade.

Whether you wrap it around your neck or drape it over bare shoulders, this Turquoise hue will make you prominent. In fact, the turquoise wrap is already a great hit amongst the ladies. Various fashion wrapping styles such as comfy knot, two-fold knot or the necklace knot could be stylized with this lovable clothing material.

Celeb’s Crush of the year!

Personalities such as Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian sported the turquoise pashmina scarf at many red carpet events. Unique and ultramodern in demeanour, tint of the turquoise conquered all!

A great bonus point of this hue is that it complements diverse range of outfits, whether they are cocktail dresses, or casual tees and shirts or formal wear. Like pashmina, the cashmere scarf also became a wanted accessory for many celebrities. From the Royal Kate Middleton to the pop-singer Lady Gaga, these fashion accessories found place in many such aristocratic wardrobes.

Be ready for Turquoise!

We hope that our stunning turquoise pashmina collection will be your ultimate choice this year. After all, what better way can be to perk up your personality other than a bit of pop colour! So, grab your purses, ladies and get your hands on our versatile turquoise wardrobe as soon as you can!