A shawl is the most fashionable accessory that represents sophistication and elegance. Women use it in different ways to flaunt their beauty. Whether it is just a formal party or social get together, a shawl is ideal for any occasion.

Since it is an important part of women’s wardrobe, its cleaning is an important concern. With adequate care, a cashmere shawl can retain its beauty for many years. However, cleaning it wrongly can deteriorate the quality of your cashmere scarf and in some cases, it may even ruin it. Remember, these are delicate products and need to be handled with care. However, you can choose to clean your shawl by a professional dry cleaner, but will be happy to entrust this task to someone else? No! Then check out these tips.

Here, you will get some helpful tips to remove stains and dirt from your all-time favourite cashmere shawl. Let’s check out the tips –

Helpful tips to remove stains from shawl

You will need a bucket and light detergent or baby shampoo to wash your cashmere shawl wrap. If the stain is moist, do not rub it immediately without soaking the material in cold water. Take a bucket, pour mild soapy water into it and soak your shawl in it for around five to seven minutes. This is an important step to dissolve dirty components of the shawl.

Make sure the detergent completely dissolve in water before dipping the shawl. Accumulated detergent may fade the colour of the piece forever.
Never rub your scarf to remove stains. If the stain on your shawl is too hard to remove yourself, it is better to leave the task to a professional expert.

After five minutes of soak, hold your shawl carefully below the shower to wash out detergent. You need to be careful in this step as the weight of water may distort the texture of the material. So hold it from the middle section.

After cleaning, hang it from a bar or wardrobe hanger. Make sure it is hanging straight to avoid distortions. If you have a hanger that can hold it horizontally, this would be an ideal solution.

Do not squeeze or twist your shawl to eliminate excess water as it may damage the quality of your shawl.

Warning factors to keep in mind while removing shawl

It is best to soak your pashmina shawl in mild soap solution or liquid detergent so that the texture and colour of the material remain intact for years. Do not use any detergent that contains harsh chemicals or bleach as this may ruin the natural fibre of the shawl. To get best results, you can choose to buy woollen cleaning solution as it helps to clear stains or dirt naturally.

Do not wash your shawl in washing machine. Most of the cashmere shawls are hand woven and thus they are more likely to get damaged or disorganized if they are washed in a machine rather than by hand. The agitator blades of washing machines may damage the natural fibre of your scarf while spinning.

Do not twist or squeeze your shawl as we do for other clothes. In order to rinse it properly, you can soak it in warm or cold water for few minutes. Repeat this step for a couple of times until you find traces of soap suds.

Therefore, if you are having a beautiful shawl and want to make it look as new for years to come, following these cleaning tips by Pashminas and Wraps will greatly help you in improving its overall quality as well as durability.