Would you like to make a statement with your woollen garments? Well, that’s the dream of every girl to make their apparel catchy every time they walk down the street. A pashmina wrap goes best with any type of outfit. Whether you are attending a social get together or a rock chic party, you can flaunt your style and beauty with these scarves and wraps.

What is a pashmina wrap?

Basically, Pashmina is a kind of fabric that gets huge popularity in the West. This is mainly used as cashmere shawl to wrap around neck and arms. The word “Pashmina” is derived from the term Pashm, which is basically a Persian word that means the fur or undercoat of a goat.

Pashmina is made with wool produced from the fur of Himalayan goat. Manufacturers who produce a pure quality cashmere pashmina wrap use an effective softening process to give it a silky finishing. Due to its softness, pashmina garments are also known as cashmere pashmina.

In today’s world of fashion, a pashmina wrap have got extremely popular; hence it became an important accessory for women’s wardrobe. Its rich fabric and embroidery work create beautiful styles for which many well-known superstars of today’s age carry these handmade masterpieces to flaunt their beauty. In fact, a pashmina wrap is no more used to cover head and neck. They have become a timeless accessory of women’s fashion and not just a fashion that goes out of date after few months.

Evolution of a Pashmina wrap over the years

In early days, pashmina was only used by people who loved to wear traditional outfit for different cultural occasions. But, nowadays, a pashmina wrap is worn by women in different creative ways for different occasions. Their wide range of fabrics and rich colour has offered unlimited options to women to use them in various creative ways. You can get various types of a pashmina shawl, or a multi-coloured shawl wrap, silk scarf, printed shawls and many other things. Their wide range of styles and variety allow you to wear them with any outfit for any occasion – whether in the formal or informal way.

How can you wear a pashmina wrap in different ways?

Are you getting bored to carry your scarf in a similar pattern? Looking for new ways to try it in a creative way? Well, you will be pleased to know that a pashmina wrap can be worn in several ways. But how? Let’s have a look at them –

If you need a formal look, you just keep it on one side of the shoulder and let it hang gracefully. Or else, you can wrap it around your arms just like most of us do with a regular shawl. This will also give you a perfect formal look.

If you would like to have an informal look, you can wrap it around your neck effortlessly or use it as a belt to wrap your waist and get a comfortable look.

A lot of variations can be seen in a pashmina wrap. The fine cashmere offers unbelievable softness that gives warmness on cold days. Since these wraps are available in different variations, you can choose your favourite pashmina depending on the season. You can get a beautifully designed cashmere scarf for spring which is much lighter than winter ones. They mostly come in printed designs which can give a modern look to your outfit.


From the above discussion, it can rightly be said that a pashmina wrap makes a women feel comfortable and stylish from inside. It is a stunning fashion accessory that you can carry with any type of outfit. So, what’s more you want to buy a piece of it to enhance your wardrobe collection. Go and get it now!