Are you thinking about buying a pashmina shawl? But confused to choose the right size? Well, we are here to help you out of this confusion. As there are different types of shawls available in the market, most people cannot exactly trace the difference between a scarf, stole, and a shawl. However, back in early days, there was a time when all these items were produced maintaining a specific standard size.

For example, a pashmina scarf used to be slightly smaller than a stole. On the other hand, a stole supposed to be slightly smaller in size than a shawl. The exact measurement of the scarf is determined in terms of the foot. The highest size of pashmina scarf is 45X165 cm. Anything bigger than this size would not be considered as a scarf.

Important facts to know about Pashmina

Pashmina is a type of wool generated from a particular breed called goat which is mostly found in the Himalayan region of Tibet and the Middle East.

A pashmina scarf made of 100% pashmina wool comes out extremely smooth, and its natural fibre can easily be torn apart. However, when it is mixed with silk or other fabrics, it looks glossier and stronger.

Size of Pashmina

Since we are talking about a cashmere pashmina shawl, it is really important to figure out here what is the right size of a pashmina scarf, wrap, shawl, and stole. To speak in general terms, the right size of a pashmina shawl should be about three feet width and five feet in length.

However, for most of the people in today’s age, the sizes of pashmina shawls and scarves is huge. You only need to keep in mind the size in the context of its manufacture. Pashmina shawls were first produced by Tibetans who live in the extreme cold weather. Obviously, they felt the need to try several layers of woollen cloth to protect them from harsh cold winter. Thus, it clearly explains the origin of pashminas in this region.

When you are gearing up for a cold winter evening party, no need to wear dozens of woollen sweaters and bulky jackets. Just wrap a pashmina shawl around your arms and neck; you will get the same warm feeling like other heavy woollen garments. To make the lives of people easier, these shawls are made extremely light-weight.

Therefore, it quite clear why most women love to wear a pashmina scarf or a pashmina shawl. You can find them in huge colour and variety.

Different types of Pashminas

Numerous sizes are also available that you can choose according to your preference. On the basis of size, pashmina is divided into three categories – shawl, scarf, and stole. All of these are versatile and can be worn by women in different parts of the body to flaunt their beauty. You can adorn your neck, arms, waist, bust and hips in different creative way with these shawls and scarves.

Though, not all shawls are scarves are same. They are made different in accordance with different styles and designs. The designs on a cashmere  shawl determine whether they are ideal for social party or a rock chic one.

Therefore, whenever you make up your mind for buying a pashmina, consider these points to buy the right one for your closet.Wholesale shawls are available as well for registered retailers.