Pantone declares a new colour each year as their Colour of the Year and in 2018, it is ultra Violet. Back in 2016, it was Serenity Blue which we had already introduced in our collection in January 2017 as dusky blue.

We are proud to share this that Pashminas and Wraps is probably the only company to follow Pantone’s Colour of the Year in our pashmina collection. Whenever Pantone announces their Colour of the Year, we get to work in bringing you our entire collection of pashmina wrap or shawl in that hue.

Here is a bit of context for those having no idea about what Pantone is; and what’s the big deal about their Colour of the Year.

Pantone is the global leader in colour production systems; industries like fashion, graphics, food and packaging, home décor, and beauty follows this company for colour recommendations. Whenever the company declares their Colour of the Year, you can find that same shade reining in the majority of fashion events.

“I’m blue da ba dee da ba dye”

As Serenity Blue came to limelight so did every fashion fiestas. Especially during the wedding season throughout 2017, Pashminas and Wraps saw a massive sale in our garments.

  • Our wedding shawls were one of the items that were popular among the bridesmaids. The slight hint of blue went along with any dress and made a contrasting effect giving an eye-catching appearance.
  • Our evening wrap is another item donned by many when visiting a wedding. Women not only beat the evening chill with these wraps; but also made a classy statement in comparison to their formal or conventional dresses.

Elegance, one of the special features of this colour, makes sure that you stand out from the rest. Even if you are wearing casual clothes, the blue pashmina can convert it into elegant and appealing overalls.

What are you waiting for? Take a look

Our collections of dusky blue garments are still available in our store and you can get them whenever you like.

You can get a dusky blue 100% cashmere shawl in our collection from Nepal or our Italian products with viscose (35%) and polyester (65%) content. However, all the products are of superior quality and customised for all your needs.

Both of our collections offer supreme comfort and versatility, accompanying you wherever you go to. All of the items have ample length so that you can improvise any way you want to and give them new meaning.

Their paramount softness gives you the option to carry them even in the smallest of handbags. Take them out and wrap around you in the evenings when the weather turns to go down a bit. So, start styling with your pashmina shawl!

Stay tuned in the blog section of Pashminas and Wraps for more interesting thoughts and how to improve your wardrobe styles.