It’s a matter of pride for us at Pashminas and Wraps that so many clients have acknowledged our products over the past 2 years. Therefore, to ensure more transparency, we thought of sharing our story with you and reveal how we found our sources.

The first rule that we wanted to abide by was not to provide the UK citizens with counterfeit China-made cashmere shawls like several other retailers. We stood our ground to give them something unconventional that they have not felt before.

Pashminas & Wraps knew that customers would pay a little bit extra for the superior quality material; and we were going to provide them with just that. So began our journey; a journey to find the unique quality that people have ever seen; pashminas that would stand out from the rest.

Our team worked tirelessly to import all our shawl from around the globe. Before establishing Pashminas and Wraps, we searched for the best quality pashmina, tested numerous samples and found two places where we could lay trust.

Mecca of Pashmina                                                                                      

People can get their hands on genuine pashminas from the internet, but the question is – How genuine are they?

Pashminas made of cashmere originated from the Himalayan Mountains in India and Nepal are authentic materials. Although both countries produce almost equal quality pashminas, the one produced in Nepal finds more favour in comparison to its Indian counterpart.

Cashmere Pashmina comes from the fur of the Chyangra mountain goat, a native of this place. Workers that largely comprise of women carry out the process of extraction of the goat’s fur. This entire procedure proceeds in an immensely sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Next, we started the process of finding a partner who would craft cashmere wrap assortment based on our preferences. Again, after tireless searching, we found one and to this day, we have maintained a healthy relation with them.

An Italian touch

Our next source is none other than the only place in Europe to produce pashmina shawls – Italy. The shawls, wraps or scarves originating from Italy are not only comparatively cheaper but also of versatile and premium quality.

Pashminas and Wraps needed to have a source which could supply us with affordable as well as supreme pashminas; and what better place can be there than Italy! After this, once again we had to search the right partner for manufacturing these products.

We found the right match and have since sourced all our women’s wrap and other varieties from them.


After launching our Italian collection, we have received several news about other retailers imitating our ladies wraps. We do not know how authentic this news is but we can guarantee you that as you buy a product from Pashminas & Wraps, you will receive 100% authentic pashminas that are made in Italy.

Hence, pick your choice and adorn yourself with the finest quality pashminas in a wide range of colour palettes.