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Branded Pashmina Scarves – Luxury Corporate Gifts

Premium quality high end luxury corporate and business gifts perfect for clients, businesses and brands. Luxury embroidered branded pashmina scarves from Pashminas and Wraps of London.

The finest luxury corporate gifts available anywhere in the world. Our luxurious pashmina shawl wrap scarves embroidered with your brand will make the perfect high end corporate gift for your clients and stakeholders. Choose between our Made in Italy pashmina scarf and our handmade pure cashmere pashmina scarves to create the perfect business gift idea for your business. Each one of our exclusive and luxury corporate gifts come with optional embroidered logo, message or tagline.

If you are looking for a corporate gift idea that represents luxurious quality, elegance and high end to match your brand and your business then get in touch with us today to discuss further.


  • Fastest growing high quality pashmina scarf brand in the world

  • Give the gift of the highest quality Italian pashmina scarves embroidered with your branding

  • Give the gift of the most luxurious cashmere pashmina scarves embroidered with your branding

  • Choose between your logo, message or tagline to be embroidered

  • Choose from over 2,000 shades to color pick your corporate scarves to match your very own business branding

  • Receive guaranteed luxurious quality that your clients and stakeholders will appreciate



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Luxury Corporate Gifts – Branded Pashmina Scarves

Welcome to luxury corporate gifts at Pashminas and Wraps – we are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high end business gifts, specifically embroidered pashmina scarves. Our beautiful and elegant pashmina scarves make the perfect corporate gift idea – not only will your clients and stakeholders appreciate such a wonderful gift but it pushes your branding at the same time. Our luxurious and high quality finish will reflect your business and its standards. Choose from your company logo, message or tagline to have embroidered in to our beautiful pashmina scarves and have your brand colors dyed into our high quality garments to ensure the maximum brand exposure is created and the most luxurious of gifts is given.

Our Brand – A High End Luxury Corporate Gift Every Customer Wants To Receive

Pashminas and Wraps is more than just a retailer – We are a pashmina scarf brand. When you see a pashmina scarf with the Pashminas & Wraps logo sown in, you know you are receiving a pashmina scarf that is of luxurious quality and is well produced. Each one of our garments is of the highest quality and this can be reflected in our genuine customer rating. If you opt to have a luxurious corporate gift designed and made from Pashminas and Wraps, then we can assure a superior quality branded garment will be received. Get in touch with us today to discuss your luxury corporate gift requirements and we will provide a tailored personal service to meet your business needs.

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