“I wish I got something unique to gift my sister on her birthday!” Why are you so disappointed? Looking for something stylish and new? Gift her with a pashmina shawl. That would be the best addition to her wardrobe. Giving her another new outfit would be a bad idea when her closet is already bursting with a number of outfits.

Why a pashmina shawl to gift?

A pashmina made from cashmere wool is a woman’s best friend today when it comes to complementing her style. The raw materials used in its making are luxurious and soft – these include: pashmina, velvet, silk, cashmere or other fabrics that come in many matte and glossy shades.

Rewinding the history, a cashmere pashmina were used as traditional garments earlier, especially in royal families. They were created for specific people for its expensive cost that only few could afford. These shawls were considered as a symbol of wealth.

Kashmiris have always boasted of their skills on providing such artistic products; indeed they have reasons to. This present day scenario is way different when a pashmina shawl is made available to one and all.

Your sister will look classy

Back at home, your dear sister will not only love the trendy accessory but also will cherish its feel. As pashmina wraps come in good lengths, the whole piece will keep her warm and cosy throughout the winter months and cool during the long summer month evenings.

Men often complain, “Women are never satisfied with their wardrobe collection even after having so many.” Well, the answer lies in that feel good product that’s missing. Clothes seem to bore these ladies if they are not inspiring. But again it’s not possible to go out and buy a new line of attires always. So, supplement with this luxurious piece for her.

A lady can experiment with a pashmina shawl with both formal and informal wears only to feel more confident. They create an air of authority while being feminine. Ask her to throw the pashmina shawl over her shoulder and see how graceful and neat she looks. Try to buy the one that brightens the colour of her hair or eyes. No wonder she’ll be the happiest sister of yours loving her new pashmina shawl.