Well, so you are the bride-to-be? What have you planned for that ‘most-gorgeous-bride’ look? A wonderful gown, a veil, diamonds, and of course, a bouquet of ever-smiling flowers, right? That obviously will adorn your entire look, but there’s no new ‘wow!’ factor in it. This celebration of saying “I do” must be special and unique, even for your guests to cherish all life. So, get hold of a bridal wrap – the ever-gorgeous and luxurious fabric for that eternal, timeless look.

Pashmina is a fine cashmere wool that comes from cashmere goats in Himalaya. They are hand spun and give the ultimate warmth to the wearer. But today, these luxurious pieces have become a versatile accessory for styling in the fashion world. Not just that, but one can use them regularly as well.

Coming to your wedding

You can certainly pair up a cashmere pashmina wrap or pashmina shawl with your wedding dress. Considering UK’s weather, these cloth accessories will keep you warm and comfortable on chilly evenings. These are very useful, especially for outdoor venues.

But the trick comes in choosing the appropriate colors. A bridal pashmina is available in many different colors, starting from beige pashmina, cream pashmina, yellow pashmina to a red pashmina, bubblegum pink pashmina, navy pashmina, fern green pashmina etc.

Colour options for different events

On your wedding day

For instance, while you are wearing a white gown, don’t go for complete white bridal shawl. It will be lost in the appearance. Instead, go for a little darker shade like cream or gold colors.

Again, a ballet slipper pink pashmina or lilac pashmina will also complement your white bridal gown. You can go for bold colors like mardi gras purple pashmina, lucky point blue pashmina, aubergine pashmina etc.

In the party

What have you planned to wear in the party? If it’s a rich blue dress, try out pairing it with a luxurious lemon yellow shawl. If you choose to wear red, a fern green would be a good pick.

Do not go for matching colors of whatever you are wearing. Even if you are willing to keep it, suppose all pink theme, make sure to keep a variation of the shades (lighter and darker). That’s how you can bring out the graciousness within you through the elegant wedding pashmina.

Bridal pashmina and its different materials

Now that you got a fair idea on how colors are important, another factor to consider is the material used. You can get a shawl made of 100% pure cashmere wool. This would be quite an expensive piece, but worth the sophistication of the product.

If you are looking for a more affordable bridal pashmina, there are pieces made of a combination of cashmere wool and silk. These are shiny and no less elegant for bridesmaids.

Additionally, while pashmina shawls from Himalayan regions like Kashmir and Nepal are widely known across the globe, Italy is also a reputed manufacturer of these products. Some online sellers also offer soft and high-quality bridal pashmina scarves, wraps and shawls. You can lay your hands on them via the internet. The easiest way to do this is type in google wedding pashminas.

Gracing your look with bridal pashmina

You can wear a bridal pashmina in any way you like. Drape the pashmina around your shoulder or take it around your waist and let the two ends hang loosely from your hands in the front. You will look gorgeous and special in every way with a bridal pashmina.