Haven’t you ever fantasized adorning a cape of liquid gold or sunshine all over you? In many times you would have thought so. It is natural as the colour of gold has something so elegant as well as sensual in it that it can’t help attracting attention towards itself.

When the question arises of the latest vogue among colors, gold is the new black. With ever changing trends and fashion, people tend to inter-mix clothes and accessories to be the initiator of the new cult in fashion. One of the most adored accessories in current hype is scarves. And not just the regular ones, but pashmina: the ultimate style accessory of style and comfort.

A gold pashmina is not a part of fashion, but it is a definition where style itself fuses with panache to give the wearer a look similar to a celebrity. But it doesn’t mean you can mix and match anything with a golden pashmina to achieve that look. There are certain rules set by fashion police to embellish such accessory of great appreciatory value.

Dos and don’ts of wearing a gold pashmina

1. A scarf denotes the lazy style statement but adorning a gold pashmina in tad reckless way is a big no-no. There is a correct way to wear a pashmina scarf. If you do not have any idea how to wear a gold cashmere shawl correctly, it can just kill the look which you had intended to flaunt wearing it.

2. You cannot compare a pashmina to any other sash. Any other sash tied with any piece of dress can easily give you a free-spirited or a casual runaway look. But you cannot risk tying your pashmina in a casual, clumsy knot, especially your golden pashmina shawl to achieve that dapper look with elegance.

3. Wearing the specific colour is a tricky thing. Gold is a very aristocratic colour and any teensy mistake in wearing a gold pashmina the wrong way or at the wrong time can instantly throw you to the fashion disaster zone. Layering your gold pashmina over a drab coloured dress or a flashy top can make onlookers cringe with distaste and question about your fashion sense.

4. If you have a cashmere pashmina of pale gold colour, you can team it with denim (you can also go for the rugged ones) and light colour tops during the day time. Do not try teaming bright golden one with casuals during the day. The dazzling sunlight can convert the graceful charm to gaudy nightmare instantly.

A flashier gold pashmina is appropriate flaunting choice for the evenings. It can create a subtle air around you if you can carry it in style.

5. Less is more. There are printed gold pashminas available in stores which can accentuate its look, but a solid coloured pashmina can add grace to your approach.

6. Confidence is the number one criteria which every fashionistas swears by. If you can carry a dress or an accessory confidently, even if you are wearing a semi chic dress, your attitude and personality can change you to look like a runaway Rapunzel model.

The basic thing about wearing a gold pashmina is the air of confidence required to carry the style. A properly worn gold pashmina with self-assurance can elevate a wearer’s look.

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