A lot of care is required in deciding the right outfit for the office. The corporate etiquette should be kept in mind before picking up a shawl as an accessory for the office outfit.

The most demanded outfit of any woman on a professional look-out is a formal shawl wrap. This shawl is not used the normal way all the time. Stoles make not much difference in solving the purpose when compared to a cashmere shawl but still the latter is preferred more by the women for a professional outfit. And the reason for preferring it is nothing but its size which is reasonably large. This fashionable shawl has taken various forms in its own unique way and also comes in different fabrics.

Let us have a look at the different fabrics that are used in the making of office shawls


‘Pashm’ is a kind of fabric which is obtained in Kashmir and is used in making a pashmina which is a warm selection of official shawls. This shawl which is very light and yet warm in particular is a substitute to the already prevailing wool shawls that are too heavy.


The conventional and cultural prints on the silk shawl are the main reasons for being preferred more for a formal use. Silk gives a graceful finish to the professional outfit. Its detailed designs and the involved handy works are the best part of it.


A cashmere pashmina is beautiful in its extreme level. This is perfect for both the informal and social gathering costumes. It is also a very popular shawl that falls into the category of silk and which is used for a formal occasion.


Chiffon is the softest of all. These bright coloured shawls are not as graceful as the other variety of shawls. This shawl has proved to be very comfortable among women and has been more preferred for its light weight. This vibrant shaded shawl goes well with every formal outfit.
All these shawls are special in their own way and have always complemented every formal occasion.