“Sometimes it’s hard being a woman, and then I remember I can wear pink as much as I want and I feel awesome.”

Pink is a colour which no girl can deny loving at one point of time. It’s a very cheerful and bubbly colour which can instantly be a mood lifter. Imagine having a pashmina wrap of a similar colour? No wonder models and celebrities inspire you to flaunt the same with style!

In this entire enthusiasm of purchasing this adorable, sweet pink pashmina, there comes a huge ‘but’!

Apart from being extremely fashionable, the pashmina scarf has a very satiny structure which makes it exceedingly difficult to tie. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your wishes of wearing a pashmina. Nope!

There are numerous ways you can tie and use pashmina according to your wishes without condoning its fashion value.

Various Pashmina tying styles

Shawl style

If you cannot tie it then hold it! You can wear a pink pashmina like a shawl but not in the same typical pattern. You can flaunt as a stole, keeping one part on your shoulder and the other end double-looped and knotted with your forearm.

Waistband Style

You can also use your cashmere pashmina as a twisted waistband or as a belt. If you like to flaunt your curvaceous waist with jeans, skirt, or even a dress, you can tie your pink pashmina with a double or triple knot in front of your hipbone. It is not only a chic look but gives you the advantage of free movement.

Twisted Belt style

You can twist your pashmina to resemble it as a belt running it through your pant loops and leaving a major portion of the cloth after tying a knot.

Sash Style

Ever wondered of becoming Miss World! Of course, you did. You can try the look by placing your pink pashmina around your shoulder and tying it to a knot near your hipbone. Tada! You have finally achieved your dream of being a Miss World.

Slipknot Style

This style closely resembles the style of tying a tie. You can either loosely knot it around your neck or your waistline. The technique to achieve the best look is leaving both the ends asymmetrical, that is, one side should be longer than the other.

Hoola hoop ruffle style

You can tie it like a sash, but this time around your waist. The main idea is to tie a knot at the very centre and tucking and using pins to give a cascading ruffled look.

Ascot knot

Being similar to Slipknot, you can tie it loosely around your neck, placing your knot near your chest. If you like wearing open neck dresses and tops, this style will not only flaunt your pink pashmina but will make your neck look slender.

Alternately, if you wish, you can apply the same to your waist, keeping both the sides of the pink pashmina parallel to each other.

These are few methods you can follow, but your innovative ideas are your sky. Try various other methods of your liking and flaunt your pink pashmina with style.