Are you curious to know how Pashminas can add an elegant and soft look to your personality? Well, it can certainly give you a look that every woman wants to have. A striped pashmina scarf or shawl offer an exquisite collection that will surely take your breath away. They come in huge variety of colour and design that allow you to carry them with both modern and traditional outfit. In short, they have enough reasons to become an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe.

No matter what the occasion is or in which time of the day, a striped pashmina is the most versatile accessory offering a sense of sophistication, style, interest and colour to any outfit. While some women love to carry them in plain colour simple design that covers their entire accessory, others look for designer ones to make a fashion statement.

Striped Pashmina – a new arrival in today’s fashion

This is an exclusive collection of Pashmina that comes in plain stripes with an attractive combination of colors. Patterned stripes down the centre or to one side are also available. All of them offer an elegant style of women’s fashion which is hard to resist. The best thing about a striped pashmina is that every time you wear them with any outfit, you will get a different look. The fabric and the texture of the striped cashmere pashmina never fold in the same way, and that’s why it offers different look every time you wear.

In fact, if you wear striped cashmere shawl every time in a similar pattern, it will slightly look different and sometimes it may even give you a different look that your friends and family members take it as a completely new accessory.

Reasons to go for a striped Pashmina

  • One of the most fabulous features to mention about a striped pashmina is that the stripe falls lengthwise down the fabric. This type of texture offers a slimming effect to the wearer. It also gives them a taller look. You just simply drape it around your neck and back or hang it from the front, the stripe will definitely catch the eyes of the onlookers.
  • From the people of the local valley to royalty of England, it has acquired its position in the closet of all. Today, owning a genuine quality pashmina is the dream of every woman – whether they are fashion freak or not. The beauty and the elegance of this accessory can turn any dress into gorgeous apparel. The lady wearing this dress can stand tall in the crowd. In earlier days, it used to be a nobility of kings and queens, and thus they used to be very costly. However, in present times, these are available to all people as various patterns and designs of it available in the market.
  • A striped pashmina can be found in striped panels which are much darker than plain ones and thereby create a stunning effect. However, it does not indicate that every striped pashmina need to be in dark colour. They can be in simple and plain colors too such as slightly dusky pink at the centre and a beautiful dove grey down the side. The designs and styles of it are truly endless.

From the above-mentioned points, it clearly comes out that a cashmere pashmina stands above all fashion apparel. It is a must have accessory for every woman’s wardrobe. The designs and styles of it are truly endless. A striped pashmina is just perfect for every woman who would like to add a new touch and elegance to their look.