So, your pashmina shawl craze has finally made you buy this luxurious fabric? Fantastic! Now, move on to the next phase – styling with it. The hottest fashion tip is on how to drape a pashmina shawl made of cashmere wool. Besides giving warmth during cold days, these are the most versatile companions of a classy lady.

How to wear a pashmina shawl?

pashmina shawl can be worn in so many styles to enhance your style statement perfectly. Check out the latest in fashion:

  • Neck Scarf –

This style can simply sophisticate your otherwise monotonous outfit.

  1. Fold the pashmina scarf lengthwise
  2. Tie around your neck once
  3. Now leave the end to hang on your back
  • Knots –

Want to add a dramatic look? Simply wrap your cashmere shawl around the neck or shoulder; tie the ends making a knot in the front. You can either keep it loose or tight. In fact, try experimenting with knots like a series or twisted knots.

  • Classic style –

Well, this is a very simple yet elegant style. In a classic style of a shawl wrap, just wear it around the neck and keep the other end over your shoulder. Some people love to keep both the ends freely hanging in front.

  • Belt style –

Again, a pashmina shawl of this cashmere wool can be worn as a belt-style around hips.

  1. Wrap it around your waist
  2. Make a knot to secure it

It gives a trendy appearance during warmer seasons. Also, belt style gives a colour complementation to your outfit. In fact, it adds some lovely curves to your hips.

  • Noose style –

This style is similar to the way a scarf is wrapped. While winters have already entered your city, drape these shawls in a noose-style to keep your neck warm. Check out how to drape:

  1. First, the shawl has to be folded half length
  2. The edges of folds must be facing you
  3. Again, along its width, make a half fold
  4. Then, you have to keep the folded ends behind your head
  5. Now, through that folded end’s loop, pull open end to knot it
  • Hollywood style –

You can guess by the name – it’s quite popular among celebs. This is a style that experiments with double toned hues using two pashmina shawls. Just twist the two scarves together and loosely tie them around your neck.

  • Headscarf –

If it’s too windy outside, go for styling like a headscarf. Wrap around your head; tie it in the front. And it’s done.

Be it a day or night, a pashmina shawl can always be your best accessory for any outfit you wear. If you want to browse a great selection of pashmina shawls checkout our pages here at Pashminas and Wraps.