Planning to gift your male friend a male pashmina? Go for it; a male pashmina shawl is not just women only materials. Today, it’s an ideal style factor for men too who equally enjoy warmth of these scarves besides using them to liven up their outfits. They are eager to stock different styles and sizes of pashminas in their wardrobes.

Male pashmina – options with colors

Like women, a male cashmere pashmina is also available in a variety of colors. No matter whatever outfit they wear, there’s always something for them to go with the match.

Male pashmina – an effective choice

A male pashmina made from Himalayan goats are extremely soft to give you the ultimate warmth during chilly winter days. Add on to that; the fibres can best adapt to the changing weather. During hot summer days, cashmere pashmina fibres can actually make you feel comfortable and cold.

It has both the capabilities to give you warmth as well as keep you cool; that makes the product so acceptable.

So, why would men skip this fun?

Rather, the fact is many designers have created latest fashionable male pashmina. These trendy guys have happily replaced their ties with these shawls to adorn their suits.

Again, the male cashmere shawl is ideal to use while you are travelling for its weather adaptability feature. Just wrap it around your neck and you sport the trendiest look within your group of friends even in that regular old casual style.

If a man cares for his look and elegance, he would accessorize himself with the most stylish of male pashmina shawl – the most popular colors being either a black pashmina or a gray pashmina.

Happy styling!!

Author – Pashmina: Pashmina is a staff writer at Pashminas and Wraps.