Are you getting bored of using a shawl in a similar pattern? What about getting off trend? Yes, you can try out some new ways of using a shawl that no one ever thinks about. If you are looking for new ways, do not fret, as you will find here a number of ideas that you have not imagined before.

There are some people who use a shawl as a scarf and wrap it around necks while other prefer to use it in a creative way by draping it around legs and arms. A shawl can be used in a number of ways. It is a great apparel accessory whose variations are endless. Keeping aside fashion, there are many ways to use a shawl in creative ways.

In fact, people having old and worn out shawl can use it in a creative way rather than throwing it out hastily. One such creative way is to use them to wrap your stored furniture. Surprised! Don’t be. A shawl can effectively be used to wrap your stored furniture.

Learn the creative ways of using shawl

  • In every house, there is a common storeroom where old things like unused furniture, lamps, painting are stored that is more vulnerable to dust. You can use your old and worn out cashmere shawl to cover them up so that you can keep them free from dust and prolong their durability and clean look.
  • If you have big furniture and your shawl is not long enough to cover it from all sides, don’t worry, you can stitch two or more old shawls together to make it big enough to cover giant furniture. There is no better way of using old stole than this. All you need is a little bit of research work and innovation, and you can make a good use of
  • Besides using it to cover up your stored furniture, you can make a creative use of it in your bedroom and living rooms. Suppose you are having a bright lamp, you can wrap it with vibrant color cashmere to create a bright reflection around the room. This is an effective use of a shawl wrap to control the brightness of light without spending a lot of money on buying decorative lamps.
  • You can give this woolen scarf to someone as a gift. It is the most versatile accessory that can be used for different purposes in different occasions. You will be glad to know that a shawl is also used as a very popular decoration piece. Just place it over a dining table and surprise your guests.


From these above-mentioned points, it becomes clear that there are a number of creative ways available for using a Pashminas and Wraps shawl other than considering it as a fashion accessory. All you require is a lot of innovation and zeal to do something creative; a new idea will surely pop up in your mind. If you want, you can also browse on the internet to get more creative ideas of using a pashmina shawl. However, it depends on your personal choice to determine whether you need the help of the internet, or want to think something innovative of your own.