Fashion savvy clients have been our constant motivation to create and recreate wardrobes of delicate items like the pashmina wrap or the more mainstream pashmina shawls and scarves.

Pashminas & Wraps brand collection of 2017 calls for flashback as we experienced a good year where our items were simply loved by all!

Let’s take a look!

Broadly speaking, over a year ago, we started our journey and we never thought that we would receive so much love from our clients as they poured in their affections via email or review site, We were thrilled to see such a humongous response from them as they appreciated our collection of pashmina including shawls, wraps and scarves.

Collections where we excelled –

‘Wedding Bells’

  • The ivory pashmina became the favourite for all. They were the last-minute saviours for Royal events and weddings. Brides were excited with this particular material as the watery feel of the drape on their arms felt almost surreal!
  • The bridal shawl was another hit incessantly. Whereas the brides took in the shawl, the bridesmaids went for the wedding pashminas. It was a relief to see at the end of the year that our entire team has managed to fulfil such huge demand during those busy schedules.

[Note: For this year, the suggestion would be to use pashminas for decorating the wedding venue.]

‘As the chill sets in’

  • Winter 2017 told a different story. Our cashmere pashmina collection became instantly popular for winter weddings. Brides sported them enthusiastically as they shivered not from the chill, thanks to the shawl but from wedding jitters.
  • Christmas beckoned and we saw a rush for our pashmina wrap Our assortment comes from Italy and Nepal boasting a wardrobe of 100% pure cashmere and materials like polyester and viscose. Customers bought wide range of scarves and shawls to be gifted to their loved ones during this festive season.

Keep Calm and Wrap Up!

We saw beautiful moments when men ordered a pashmina wrap or a cashmere shawl for their wives or mothers. Not only this, but throughout the year, we also saw travel enthusiasts buying our garments.

Hence, now a scarf can be your new travel wrap!

You can wear it on a beach as a cover-up or can just stylize it with your little black dress at a party! They are the perfect carry-ons as you can make them into a compact fold in your kit while travelling.

The P&W team also ensured that our recipients were lucky enough to receive fun gifts from us. We work not only to sell shawls and pashminas but also to bring happiness. Such versatility of our garments brought smiles to many faces and like 2017, we hope to get an even better story to share in 2018!