There are hardly any people on earth who don’t love a good vacation. Be it hiking, going shopping or sipping on a cocktail while lazing on a beach, every person has his/her favourite thing to do while on a trip. However, there is one indispensable part of every trip and that is choosing the right clothes to match the mood.

Especially for summer, one can finally ditch the coats and jackets, and bring out the cashmere wrap and scarves to accessorise with one’s summer dresses!

Santorini in Greece is one of the prime locations of vacation for people from all over the world. Its azure waters and pristine beaches attract people in hordes every year. And the tourists, especially the ladies, bring with themselves beautiful travel wraps, scarves and stoles in a myriad of colors and designs to flaunt.

In case you’re wondering, here’s an attempt to put together a list of all the cashmere wraps and stoles one needs for a vacation in Santorini.

  • The casual wrap:

A sundress works just fine on its own for a day of casual sightseeing. However, one can take it to the next level by adding a cashmere pashmina stole to the ensemble. The pashmina can be worn around the neck, used as a shield from sunlight and even be casually thrown on around the shoulders. They are feather-light and act as a protection for the skin against the sun.

  • A dressy affair:

For the cool and breezy evenings, it is compulsory to keep an evening shawl handy. These shawls not only make a great fashion statement but also serve the purpose of keeping one warm if the weather gets chilly. An evening wrap paired with a classic LBD is chic, elegant and the perfect option if one has plans for dinner and some cocktails!

  • Deck up on deck:

Finally, a trip to Santorini is, of course, incomplete without a cruise. So, one must be well prepared with a travel wrap to attend any gala or event aboard a cruise ship. Typically, most women choose to opt for a black pashmina for such events; since they complement their dresses for black-tie events perfectly!

So, these are a few ideas for ladies wraps that will easily set one up for any event or occasion on a summer trip to Santorini. Keeping in mind the wide availability of beautiful pashminas at Pashminas & Wraps, it won’t be difficult for women to put together an outfit to make heads turn!