In case you are looking out for perfect gifts for your dear girls, bridesmaid pashmina knows how to best steal hearts. The products made from the rarest of wool never fail to give that unmistakable feel to its wearer. These are soft, comfortable, elegant and gorgeous enough to complement each girl’s dress. You can get shawls, stoles, wraps, scarves, etc. to style with it.

Pairing gowns with shawls

This is a new trend even in fashion world to pair a dress with a sophisticated pashmina shawl. So, these are perfect accessories for your bridesmaids or for the use as guest favours to drape with their dresses, In fact, these can altogether create a theme for the grand celebration. Make sure to pick contrasting colors like rich blue with amber yellow, plum purple with baby blue, hot pink with lemon yellow, etc.

Again, instead of sticking to the same colour, you can give each of the girls, different shades keeping the dress colour same.

Styles of wearing

Now, a bridal wrap can be worn in many different styles that go best with your wedding theme and dress. Here are some of the wedding pashmina ideas that you can try out.

  • As a shawl – Wear a bridal shawl around your shoulder in the chilly winter evenings. Don’t tie up; just keep the two ends hanging loose.
  • Wearing the European way – This will give a more stylish look. Half-fold the pashmina shawl and drape around your neck. Next, bring those loose ends through the other end of the loop. Pull it for a snug fit. Make sure to keep the ends hanging in the front.
  • As a head scarf – A head pashmina scarf on your bridesmaids or for the use as guest favours would look really gorgeous. Place the cloth piece over your head. They can also wear it as a headband. Either way, it’s a whole new style, especially for your bridesmaids or for the use as guest favours.
  • How about an artistic knot? – Simply hang the scarf around your neck keeping equal lengths of both sides. Then tie a knot on right side – ensure its loose and in the middle. Once done, tighten it.
  • If you are wearing a coat – First, you need to fold the bridesmaid pashmina lengthwise four times. Then drape it under the collar of your coat around your shoulders. Your bridesmaids can also try this out if they are not wearing a coat. Just make sure to keep the ends hanging in front.

Activities with bridesmaid pashmina

What more can you do with these pashmina shawls? Well, you must have plans for your hen’s party. Why not engage your girls in an activity with bridal pashmina? Look! These are extremely versatile pieces. So, you can organise a game like – who can wear the bridesmaid pashmina in the best way.

Few points about an original product

  • They are made of Chyangra wool
  • Original bridesmaid pashmina will smoothly pass through a hole as small as your engagement ring.
  • They are softer
  • Look out for trademarked products

Be sure that you are purchasing a bridesmaid pashmina from the authentic online seller such as Pashminas and Wraps. Let your wedding be a wedding pashmina – a grander occasion for all.