For an autumn wedding that you are planning, everything from the décor to your outfits should be in sync with the season. There must be something to bind you with your bridesmaids and guests as well. How about bridal shawl? These multipurpose accessories would create the ideal theme for your wedding celebration.

The origin of Pashmina

A fine type of Cashmere wool, pashmina comes from the Himalayan goat. The fibre is softer but warm enough to save one, especially from the Himalayan temperature. So, as the climate of UK remains cool during autumn, these pieces of luxurious fabrics would keep the wearer perfectly warm, safe from cold.

Pashmina for the bride

Instead of going by the usual look of a veil, a gown, a bouquet in hand, bridal wrap would be unique additions. Wives-to-be can choose these cloth pieces to complement their wedding dresses. These are light weighted and hence, much convenient to carry. In fact, there’s a true saying–
“Pashmina shawls can easily pass through the hole of your engagement ring.” Why not give it a try on your D-Day?

Pashmina for bridesmaids

If you talk about bridal pashmina, silk pashminas would be ideal to grace their outfits. These are shiny and gorgeous, designed specifically for wedding occasions. In fact, as you are planning for special gifts, pashmina products would make unique presents as well.
Today, a wedding shawl have become the brand of vogue. They are available in various sizes, colors and material. To elaborate material, you will find –

  • Silk infused cashmere wool
  • 100% cashmere wool

Pashmina for the mother

Truly speaking, bride’s mother is the prettiest lady who steals the show with her own beauty and gorgeousness. Apart from that hat and dress, you can also get a pashmina for her. She is after all, the most important part of the occasion.

Colors that goes rightly for bridal pashmina shawls wraps

Now, all secret lies in picking the right contrasts of colors to create the perfect ambience. While most prefer to wear white gowns on wedding day, you can try out on the following shades of wedding pashmina.

  • Beige
  • Gold
  • Amber yellow
  • Royal blue
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Plum purple

In the party, you are surely going to experiment with other colors. So, choose contrasts like:

  • Red and deep orange
  • Deep orange and teal
  • Cream and Sage
  • Mustard yellow and forest green

Looking back at history, pashmina clothes, including the cashmere pashmina shawl and the pashmina wrap were very popular in royal families. They were symbols of elegance, majestic dignity and wealth. Even today, the products continue to reflect artistic skills. Hence, you can drape these wonderful pieces of bridal pashmina shawls wraps in different styles on your D-Day.

And as for your wedding, a wedding pashmina will enhance appearances of all females out there and will add more elegance to your grand celebration.

You be the head turner!

It’s hard for anyone to resist having such elegant pieces made of pashmina cashmere wool. These make incredibly good presents. Thank your bridesmaids or for the use as guest favours from the heart with bridal pashmina shawls wraps from Pashminas and Wraps!