“There is only one person for whom I will wear the white dress and will blush pink under the veil of love.”

Every girl since childhood, at least once in their lives, has thought about her perfect wedding day. And undoubtedly, some of the best weddings are celebrated in the United Kingdom. As the trend is, people are going more for thematic decors for venues. In that context, a silver wedding pashmina is one of those kinds which fit the ‘dream theme’ of every bride.

Are you planning for the same? Read on!

Different types of silver pashmina wedding for best bridal look

There is a variety of wedding shawls available in a different texture, material as well as style. Let’s see what the different appearances are:

  1. Silver pure cashmere pashmina:

A 100% pure silver cashmere wrap  – this is the purest form of cashmere wrap, dyed with high-quality organic silver pigment. Being 100% pure, it is easily tinted and never bleeds colour. Depending on the glaze of the dye use, accordingly the shine of silver will reflect. You can choose both, matte silver or shiny silver.

Use contrasting gown finish; like, with a matte silver pashmina, wear a shiny embellished gown and vice-versa.

How to style them?

Silver pashmina wedding of pure cashmere can be worn in the following ways:

  • Classic pull through
  • Double loose loop
  • Braided loops around neck

As this style will look the best around the neck, pair it with strapless gowns, hair in up-do fashion and stone earrings. This is most appropriate for beach, spring weddings and outdoor, garden weddings.

  1. Silver Silk Infused cashmere pashmina:

A silk infused silver cashmere pashmina – the ratio of silk to cashmere is 3:7. Silk blends extremely well with soft wool and shows its property without overpowering pashmina’s original texture. This is mostly on the shinier side due to silk’s property.

Unlike pure cashmere, this costs lesser but looks better as silver pashmina wedding. You can easily pair it with either ivory or eggshell wedding gown.

Different ways to style them:

  • A small cape manner by folding it into half
  • One shoulder down

Just for extra oomph, wear silver shoes. Accessorize with bracelets and hand chain with this look. Wear a bold colour lipstick.

To make the most out of this look, opt for a theme wedding like a fairytale, dreamland, metallic colour scheme.

  1. Silver Italian pashmina:

If you are looking forward to being a style icon bride, this is what you should have that will help you to reach your goal. It is because of its texture as well as the silky soft look. An Italian silver pashmina is weaved to perfection for giving a softer feel. Due to its glossy tint, it is best to pair this with a white lace gown.

Ways to wear them:

  • Poncho style
  • One wrist tied and the other end loosely hanging from arm
  • Shawl wrap

This Italian silver pashmina wedding due to its texture will suit the most if wrapped around arms or shoulder. Pair this style with a choker and a loosely tied hairdo along with hair accessories.

The best time to style this is during winter or autumn wedding.

Enhance your wedding trend and be the fashionista bride with silver pashmina wedding. Look the best on your most important day with Pashminas and Wraps.