Fashion refers to the dress code that prevails in the current trend and it goes further than just clothes. It broadens to shoes, ornaments, and even the way you set your hair. For many people, fashion is of main concern. It is imperative to some people to be dressed in the hottest styles and manners.

The same trend change is very prominent in the path of a pashmina. Pashmina scarves were originally big and it was predominantly worn by the people living in the regions of Himalayas and Kashmir. Pashmina scarves started becoming a fashion accessory apart from just being a necessity. A lot of change was brought into the designing and the colour, thus matching the segment of production. Pashmina scarves are also produced in different materials.

How different are pashmina scarves from other scarves / shawls?


It differs in its length. A cashmere pashmina scarf is longer and broader than a usual scarf and so they can be worn as a sash, a toga, a wrap, and also as a top.

Some pashminas are shorter when compared to other scarves. And such shorter pashmina scarves are generally preferred by men. They are not too big and hence easy to be carried on. They suit all weather conditions so they can also be worn in a warm weather, say in an open auditorium.

Brilliant Colors

Pashminas come in brilliant colors and in a dazzling combination of colors when compared to other ordinary scarves. These pashmina scarves are quite common among women and cashmere pashminas in specific colors like maroon, navy blue, and brown are normally recommended for men.

Persistently updated to match to the youngsters liking

The ever trendy pashmina shawl scarf is quite familiar among the teenagers and are considered perfect in the form of gifts. They prefer to have them on their tunics and skirts.

The pashmina shawl is worn in conventional ways by women even today. They can be simply wrapped either leaving them free at their ends or having the ends knotted. They can also be used to wrap the babies.

The traditional way of wearing a cashmere scarf is getting revived by many fashionistas and well-known people. This traditional way of wrapping the pashmina wrap is widely accepted by many people who love to wear regular and usual outfits.

The traditional pashmina scarf the special scarf made of distinctive wool that is obtained from a goat which exists in the high mountainous region of Kashmir. The wool is very close to the goat’s skin and six times better than the human hair. These pashmina scarves are strictly hand spun because the goat’s hair is so thin and cannot be processed through machines.

A pashmina wrap is very appropriate for cold seasons. They may appear very delicate but are the best to beat the coldness. They provide immense warmth and it is a great mystery to figure out how such a soft and thin scarf provides so much warmth. They are so trendy that they can be worn even at a dinner party or any socialising affair.

Pashmina scarves might have changed forms in dimensions but they have not compromised on their quality and are the same till date.