A silk scarf is a perfect accessory to evoke a punch of color and style into any outfit. It uplifts any mood with its pattern, print or even just colour. We have seen many times Grace Kelly wearing a scarf as a headgear and Audrey Hepburn wearing one around the neck into a knot. The brands like Gucci, Hermes, they encourage women of all times to wear scarves in solid colors as well as bright crazy prints. These are nothing but wearable pieces of art that can create a punch in a monotone outfit.

What are the latest silk scarf trends?

All these years cashmere shawls and stoles have run the show. However, silk scarves are back with much potential now. The quirky chain, leopard prints add extreme glamour if worn confidently without being self-conscious. A silk scarf is quite synonymous to the Parisian style and the vintage Hollywood fashion. Right from Lady Diana, to evergreen Grace Kelly, silken scarves have been brought back to the center of fashion scene time and again.

What do the experts have to say?

The fashion gurus are letting out their love for silk scarf out loud. It is being said that putting on a scarf is a rather intelligent way to dress up. It can be worn as an accessory as well as a piece of garment. In the recent Balenciaga show, the models were sporting long flower-patterned silk scarves intertwined with golden coloured chain chokers. This shows how serious the high end brands are on keeping scarves as a staple this time.

How can we wear silk scarves?

  • As a garment, try wearing scarves with different knots, sizes and lengths
  • As turbans and headgear. Be it a turban or a bandana, or a simple scrunchie, a scarf is versatile
  • As an accessory, one can tie one on their wrists or simple on the slings of their basic colored bags. This imparts instant glamour to the look.

Is it catering to the needs of global fashion enthusiasts?

Apart from its incredible versatility, the brands are also trying to bring their global customers closer. A silk scarf is a key element in a capsule and modest wardrobe. These are especially good for summers since the neck gets coverage without getting exposed to the direct sunlight and the individual does not need to wear a high neck dress too! This trend is no more restricted to Europe and America but is appealing the enthusiasts of all religion and ethnic backgrounds.

Where can I find the vintage ones?

The high-end brands can be very expensive. So, for those who are looking for affordable fashion options, visiting a thrift store is the best. There’s a high chance that you will get a great vintage piece and highly reduced price. There are other affordable retailers who are mass producing scarves in different fabric and prints to cater to the needs of all customers.


Dating back to the ancient Chinese civilization, silk scarves found its way to Europe during the Roman times. Since then it has had its iconic presence in the world of fashion.