So, it’s the transition phase – time to bid adieu to summer till the calendar changes and welcome the autumn now. Well, this change of season means a change of your wardrobe and adapting to the climate? It’s time to throw aside the old ones and get a new sets of clothes.

What’s going to be special in your autumn wardrobe this time? Pullovers, jackets, overcoats, mittens are all repeat sets of the previous year. This time, make a new addition with an original pashmina shawl. These shawls and scarves of finest quality cashmere wool can not only give the ultimate warmth, but also will be your best fashion accessory. The world has largely accepted this material as its fashion brand.

What is a pashmina shawl?

Pashmina shawl is a high quality handcrafted shawl the wool of which has been extracted from a particular variety of Kashmiri goat in the Himalayas. From the underbellies of these goats is this cashmere wool extracted. It is one of the softest qualities to offer warmth against chilly temperatures of the Himalayas.

Manufacturers follow the traditional method of processing by hand – from extraction of wool to colouring it and then embroidering the final product. As a result, both its beauty and magnificence are preserved.

In fact, the world across has always admired the artistic embellishment of Kashmir and their execution on a cashmere pashmina shawl.

Now, coming to its choice as an autumn accessory

Choosing a pashmina scarf or a  pashmina shawl as your autumn accessory would be one of the best selections. Reasons being they are light-weighted, comfortable, warm and convenient to carry. If you get hold of an original piece, quality becomes unquestionable.

Have you heard about a popular belief regarding these products of cashmere wool? It is said that a cashmere pashmina shawl can pass through a small hole of your wedding ring.

Pashmina shawl – the brand of the fashion world

Indeed! A cashmere shawl is an important accessory of the fashion world today. Not only celebs use them in their red carpet appearances, but also they have found place in the wardrobes of regular college or office goers. It simply adds a touch of trend and elegance to whatever one is wearing.

For instance, you can drape a colourful shawl with your everyday denim and T-shirt. Also, men can replace their ties with these scarves. The best part is, you can experiment with different styles of draping them. Anything be it, you’ll always look unique and stylish.

A pashmina shawl can be a wonderful gift for both men and women. So, next time you won’t have to get puzzled on what to purchase; grab one of these finest quality shawls and present your dear one.

Other choices with a pashmina shawl

Weavers have, however, moved on to manufacture more products of this wool besides pashmina shawls and scarves. There are tops, sweatshirts, kurtas and many more available in the market. You can pair up these outfits with a scarf to look the best.

As you are searching for your latest set of autumn clothes, make it a point to purchase a classy pashmina shawl from Pashminas and Wraps. Its beauty never fades.