There is a lot to say and state about pashmina shawls and wraps. The style that was simply meant to bring elegance saw the true light at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The star-studded guest list had not only flaunted their designer wear dresses but also had paired it with comfortable bridal shawl and hats.

Read the following to know how pashmina wrap is making a fashion statement as a royal garment today.  

  • The guest list at the Royal wedding saw embracing stylish hats and shawls

The invitees not only had stars and dignitaries but also comprised of everyday people who made the country rich and proud. The wedding witnessed fashion fiesta with every guest ornamenting with their piece of accessory. Not to forget the breath-taking hats and the wraps that guests have effortlessly flaunted throughout this wedding. There were blue pashminas to rich blue pashmina, each showcasing a distinct shade of blue.

The air was fresh with the true love of the couple; everything was so picture perfect.  

  • Owning pashmina shawls is royal but not pricey

Undoubtedly, owning wedding shawl is a style statement. However, the notion that it can be an expensive affair is curtailed with the range of authentic pashmina available this day. The reign of dusky blue wrap has replaced with pastel and other vibrant hues to pair it with an individual’s persona. What’s more? Once known as an accessory for monarchical genealogy, going flamboyant with a classic shawl is evident today even amongst everyday people. It is affordable and exquisitely stylish. A dash of style everybody deserves, what say?

  • The essence of pashmina shawl

Pashmina shawls have versatility and remain to be the perfect pieces of adornment which are apt for weddings, balls, ladies’ day and dining out. It looks illustrious and gives an essence of aristocracy.

If there has been any time you have been thinking of accentuating your style, it is with pashmina that you can do so. It is available across the world and has a varied collection to choose from. From scarves to shawls to wraps, this season has it all.

While we cannot stop enough talking about the royal wedding and how much we love our newly wedded couple, we wish them many years of togetherness and love.