A pashmina scarf is fully-fledged to meet the impending fashion and is on the shopping’s hot list. A multipurpose fashion accessory which blends with an individual’s outfit and gives an ideal finish. A pashmina can be worn in varied methods.

Popular ways to where a Pashmina scarf

Some of the famous creative styles of wearing a pashmina scarf are over the shoulders or as cross-ways on the arms and these include:

1. The Traditional Wrapping

The custom of having a pashmina shawl as an accessory is to have it around the neck such that the unfastened ends of it hang loosely at the front of your body. Similarly, the reverse of this is another familiar way where the unfastened ends of it hang on the back of the body such that it is placed very close to the throat. This adds grace to the evening wear and this traditional wrapping is still in practice by most of the women.

2. The Effortless Wrap

The pashmina scarf can be effortlessly wrapped for a smart and typical look to go well with any attire. Place the pashmina scarf around the nape. Make certain that the shorter portion of the cashmere pashmina scarf is entirely spread at the front of the body. Subsequently, place the lengthier portion of the scarf over the shorter portion of the scarf such that it is on the opposite shoulder. The lengthier portion of the scarf should not be close to the neckline. Now a cashmere shawl is worn in such a way that one end of the pashmina shawl hangs on one side of the front part of your body and the other end hangs on the same side of the back part of your body. A brooch can be attached to the front end of the pashmina to add more charm.

3. The Bolero Jacket

The word ‘Bolero’ is a Spanish word. It is a jacket that ends above or at the waistline. Bolero does not cover up the outfit and the supplementary advantage is that it gives the warmth that is required for the time. These jackets can be used at places which insist on the covering of the shoulders. So, it is pretty clear that people who go to church either for the Sabbath day worship or for a wedding or christening would need a bolero jacket.

Nowadays, a pashmina can be converted and used as a jacket quite easily. Wear these pashmina scarves on the back of your neck and make the ends hang loosely at the front. Grab the two ends of the pashmina scarf and take them beneath your shoulder. Just make a knot at the back and spread out the part of the scarf on the shoulders to cover your back. This gives the look of a bolero.

These methods are simple but provide a wonderful finish to the outfit. These are great at imparting the perfect look to an individual.